Fall 2019

I suppose we all experience times when we are in our element. Though I participate in ministry in a

variety of ways, there's nothing quite like camp. I not only was saved at camp, but over the years have seen God do so many amazing things at camp. I love being the camp speaker. This summer I was able to participate in 4 camps and spoke at 3. I personally lead 4 young people to the Lord, and saw many others changed by His grace. Each camp is very different from the next. I never quite know

what to expect, but have found the best way to serve is to show up, and ask what needs to be done. In Wisconsin, the kitchen crew had two needs. A dishwasher (which I did all week) and the exit of an unwanted mouse. Though dishwasher and exterminator were unexpected duties, I was willing. I think that would be a good headline for my Summer, I was willing. Traveling around, working along-side our missionaries, I gained such an added appreciation for the long hours of work that go into successful ministry. I also wanted to give a special thanks to all those who gave of their time.

Now that the Summer is over, our family is back into the routine of life. Lisa is back teaching at Chillicothe High school, and Rachel and Ryan are back at Cedarville University. I will be busy this fall with our yearly fellowships. A fellowship is like a retreat for our missionaries. I will run a total of four

fellowships in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. My prayer is that it will be a time of refreshment and connection with our missionaries.

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