I would say the theme of the last few weeks has been travel. Lisa and I made a trip to the Northwest for our dear friend and partner in ministry, Jeff Warren's memorial service. I was blessed to have a part in his service and to see so many friends and supporters. In the last few weeks, I was also able to visit three of the four churches that we served in. Thanks again for your care and support for our ongoing ministry.

No sooner than we got back home I was off to camp again. I have several InFaith camps I oversee. Of these is one in Wisconsin run by the Schrams and Lehrkes. They have run this InFaith camp in Wisconsin for more than 30 years. I was the high school camp speaker this year, and I spoke about the difference Christ has made in this world. As the week wrapped up, I challenged the young people to evaluate what a difference Christ has made for them personally, and how they can reflect that change in the world around them. Four young people gave their lives to Christ and many others rededicated. Because of your prayer and support, we can continue to preach the Word of God and see lives changed.

After camp, I drove north to encourage the Lynums who are InFaith missionaries in the

Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Scott and Chris Lynum have served there for 10 faithful

years. Scott took me out in his boat where he began to describe to me the joys and frustrations

of ministry in his town. For years, the churches have had little to no influence on the spiritual

and moral condition of the town. Problems with crime, drugs, and alcohol highlight a deeper

spiritual hopelessness. Scott said, “about every year or so, outside churches see the need and try

to plant a new church in town, but fail.” The town is deeply resistant to the Gospel. The Lynums run a church and have only had success because of their years of faithfulness and involvement in the community. Recent medical concerns have revealed just how much the Lynums have endeared themselves to their church and community. Chris has lost all her hair as she goes through cancer treatment and Scott can barely walk as he waits for knee and hip surgery. So many people offered to make meals for them they had to turn them away. That evening, after gathering around one of those provided meals, I prayed over both Scott and Chris for healing, strength, and encouragement.

Through seemingly impossible personal and community obstacles, InFaith continues to bring hope to some of the darkest places of our nation. From a harvest of new believers at camp to the Lynums' faithful, sacrificial ministry, the hope of the Gospel is still relevant and needed. Lisa and I have never been above 50% support, so your consideration in this area is much needed. Please continue to pray as I travel to several more camps this summer.

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