A Quick Update:

Since school has started,  I've admittedly been too overwhelmed to maintain the blog, resorting to Facebook group posts.  Nevertheless,  I haven't given up on the blog.  Here is what Jason is doing right now.

I talked with Jason yesterday evening about his day. He spent the afternoon handing out sandwiches and praying over those caught in the cycle of drug abuse and homelessness under a large overpass area about the size of a football field in Philadelphia. The juxtaposition of people living in tents, filfth, needles everywhere and those driving around and through the street where this encampment is, was striking. He saw many business professionals in nice cars and business suites navigate around strung-out addicts standing in the street. It's a "normal" occurrence in this area. As Jason prayed over one young lady, he noticed she still had a needle sticking out of her arm. Sad, devastating and the need for Jesus was how he described it. We ask for prayer specifically for those trapped by opioid addiction and the good work of sharing the gospel to those in the most desperate of situations. Please pray for the InFaith missionaries who work to bring the light of the gospel to these dark places. We'll have more specifics in our next newsletter later this month. Thank you all for your prayers! 

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