Moving - Phase 1

This is our last day in our Spokane home. We've been packing bit by bit over the last couple of weeks and really stepped it up this weekend. After we move the rest of our stuff out today, we are having our last family dinner together with Robyn and Dustin joining us (food provided by Costco, seating outside on the stairs of our deck - whatever works! :) ) Tuesday will be cleaning day and closing papers signing day then the new family will be here on Wednesday to do a final walk-through. They wanted to meet us Thursday evening to show them around the house to point out anything that they would need to know and to introduce them to the chickens that have been our pets and are staying with the house. The family seems super nice and we are very happy and at peace knowing they are the ones that will call this wonderful house that we've put so much into, home. Jason flew to Ohio last week and found what will most likely be our next home there. We are thankful for Glenn and Dee Luppold for opening their home to Jason to stay. If everything works out as we expect, we should be able to move into our new home in the hills outside of Chillicothe as early as June 15. In the mean-time, our friends, Barb and Bob Parks have opened their home to us to stay in until Lisa's last day of school on June 8th.

Funny story about Jason's trip to Ohio. Ryan flew home from college the previous Saturday but Rachel was invited to visit the hometown of one of her friends in Holland, Michigan to attend their annual Tulip festival so she stayed an extra week. Jason realized that he and Rachel both had the same connecting flight in Denver to Spokane so he called the airline and asked them to seat them together on the flight. She arrived in Denver before he did and due to the somewhat last-minute trip of Jason's, we hadn't told her that he was in Ohio looking for our next home. Once he landed, he went to the connecting flight gate and saw Rachel sitting there with an empty seat next to her. He walked up to her and asked her if he could sit there and she didn't look up and just said, "Yes, it's not taken." Then she looked up and was delightfully shocked to see it was him! Ryan and Lisa were on the phone with Jason at the time and listened to it happen. It was so awesome!!

We also were greatly blessed as we were officially commissioned by our sending church, Northview Bible Church, yesterday. We are so grateful for their support, prayers, and encouragement as we prepare to serve alongside missionaries and pastors with InFaith. We have developed many lifelong relationships over the last few years and look forward to sharing this journey God has called us to!

Please pray for the following:

1) Stamina - it's no secret that moving is exhausting!

2) That Lisa will finish the school year well. The end of the year is always a lot of work and moving on top of that adds an extra layer of pressure.

3) That the purchase of our new home will go smoothly and that they can close as early as possible so that their move-in date can be as close to June 15 as possible.


Jason & Lisa

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