Life Has Been Busy!

Easter with Ryan and Rachel in Ohio.

Life has been busy. We are now full-time missionaries with InFaith. We get the joy of hearing the stories of the 35 missionaries we oversee every day. One of the missionary’s, the Luppold’s, work with seniors in Lancaster OH. Lisa and I were blessed to visit and encouraged them in late March. They have such a heart to minister to those at the end of their lives and it was fun to share such a like-mindedness with them in our love for the Gospel. We were able to see where they minister and spend time in their home.

The InFaith annual Refresh Conference was at Cannon Beach this year, which was nice being a little closer to our current home. I was able to interact with several missionaries from the northeast. I was able to meet with each of the missionaries during each meal. The diversity of their ministries is wide but the focus is the same. The Gospel. Dayna Carr serves in community ministry in North Carolina. I found our discussion inspiring and hope that I was encouraging to her as well. The conference highlighted her work through a video used as the introduction to one of the sessions. Though a little taken back by all the attention, she was glad that her story is being told. You can find her video at or on our website, I walked away from the conference with such hope for our nation because I saw the great work that is being done for Christ.

We are looking forward to moving to Ohio at the end of the school year. Where we land depends of where Lisa finds a teaching position. The house here in Spokane sold once, fell through, sold again, and we are process of finalizing that. One thing is for sure we serve a great God and He is in control.

On a personal not Robyn and Dustin’s wedding was a joy. They are doing great and enjoying life together as Dustin finishes school at Whitworth, Robyn substitute teaches and they continue serving the Lord together in youth ministry. Rachel and Ryan will finish the school year soon and come home to what little is left in the house that’s not packed. Lisa and I are doing fine but a little tired. We love roller coasters but this one has been going on for a while now. We look forward to being in a new home and starting life in Ohio soon.

Here are my top three prayer requests:

  1. That we would continue to build relationships with our missionaries with the purpose of encouraging them.

  2. That Lisa would find the right new teaching passion and that God would let us know soon where we are going 😊.

  3. That God would continue to supply all our needs. Support is around 50%. We could use your prayers and support.

Blessings to you all!

Jason and Lisa

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