Eye Opening

This November brought another eye-opening trip to the Northeast. After landing in Philadelphia I spend time with 9 missionary families all working in Philadelphia. The stories seem endless, but all are working the gospel into very dark and needy communities.

One of the families, the Darrow’s, live and minister in the same block community. Over the years they have simply pushed back the drugs, prostitution, and crime to form a pocket of safety, sobriety, and hope in inner-city Philadelphia. The Grainge’s work with refugees from some of the most oppressed Muslim nations. They are coming to America to escape persecution and find hope. Philadelphia is a common landing spot for refugees. The Grainge’s run as many as 7 church services a week all in different languages. From there I drove to New Hampshire to visit Jon and Kathy Hover. They are chaplains to 7 assisted living care centers. Most of the elderly come from works-based theology experiences (orthodox Jew, Catholicism, etc.). They can no longer get out and do good deeds and so goes their faith. They are scared, lonely, abandoned, and in deep need of hope as they have too much time to think about the regrets of life. John showed me their need as we went room to room sharing hope. Several asked for prayer.

Many today are concerned about the spiritual condition and direction of our country. InFaith is doing more than just lamenting about it. The Gospel is being brought into some of the most hopeless conditions in our country. More so than ever before, the nations are coming to us in the form of refugees. Missions work is not what it used to be, but the vision of presenting the gospel to the lost stays the same. There is no politician, program, or a policy that can positively change the direction of this nation like the Gospel can. There is a movement in InFaith that is actively bringing hope to some of the most desperate situations. My eye-opening trip only showed a fraction of the ministry. As regional field director, I have the privilege of overseeing 35 missionaries all over the Northeast and upper Midwest states. I am hoping on my next trip to see some of vast prison and recovery ministries that missionaries are doing through InFaith.

We have all heard of black Friday, but did you know about giving Tuesday? The Tuesday after black Friday (Nov. 28) is set aside to focus on giving to charity. Would you consider giving to the ongoing ministry of the gospel going out into the nation we all love? Lisa and I have been blessed by generous gifts, but we are still a long way away from being funded. We hope to go full time in March of 2018. Would you consider joining us with prayer and financial support?

Jason Frye

InFaith NE regional Field Director



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