Anything but Routine

Fall is typically a season where we return to routine. For us, the trips, camps, weddings, and long days of summer come to an end as school begins. Lisa took Rachel and Ryan on a road trip to Ohio to drop them off at Cedarville University. Lisa then flew home to begin her last year at Northwest Christian. Robyn continues to live with us, work and serve the Lord at her local church. As my family settles into fall, my life is anything but routine.

The plan is to go part time with Northview and part time with InFaith this fall. As my duties as field director with InFaith increase, I am glad to maintain connections and ministry here at Northview. I so love this church and these people. I have 35 InFaith missionaries in the Northeast that I oversee. Each of them has a creative, unique story of how they are effectively ministering the gospel in their local community. I meet with about 3 to 4 a week via video call. I will be taking a trip to Minneapolis and Grand Rapids in October to meet with some of the missionaries face to face. Then I will take another trip to Pennsylvania in November. The current NE field director wants to retire “asap,” so things are moving quickly and the need is great.

The need for support is especially great. Lisa and I know the work God has in front of us. We feel honored to do it and can see how our years of ministry have given us a unique connection with these missionaries. We cannot do this without your support. Our nation is in deep need of revival. InFaith has missionaries currently presenting the gospel all over the United States. We need to get behind them and encourage the good ministry they are doing. Would you consider supporting Lisa and I on a monthly basis? This country needs Jesus and here is a practical way you can be involved in that. You can sign up on our website ( and we will send you our prayer card. You can also go to our website to give. It is safe, tax deductible and easy. We are looking to share what we are doing with churches this fall and winter. If you could help us in connecting us with your church please contact me directly.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers.

Blessings Jason and Lisa

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