Summer Projects

This was given to Jason with a very sweet note on the back from one of the Camp Morrow campers reflecting the theme of the week. It was encouraging to know how she was blessed by the message that week.

After returning from Camp Morrow and Clatskanie a couple of weeks ago, we jumped right into our summer projects as we are working on preparing our home to sell in the spring. God blessed us with providing a house with good-bones but it needed a lot of work. Since we moved in nearly two years ago, we have repainted the house, had it re-roofed, built a shed and chicken coop area, did a lot of re-landscaping of the severly neglected yard, rehabbed the deck and front porch, finished the basement, and much, much more. We have a couple of major projects that will update the house for resale and many more smaller ones that we are still needing to do.

Lisa, Rachel and Ryan have also been busy preparing for their trip to Ohio. They will be driving to Cedarville University tomorrow, Aug. 10th, camping and seeing major sites along the way. Along with making repairs and tuning up the van, they are busy prepping their camping gear (thank you Lord for yard sales!!), trying to balance taking what they need for the trip and what the kids need for their dorms. Lisa will be flying back to Spokane arriving late on the 20th (just in time for the eclipse :), leaving the mini-van with the kids. Then she will take a quick trip directly from the Spokane Airport to Madras, OR with her fellow science teacher and good friend, Auna, to watch the eclipse.

Jason has returned to his normal schedule and continuing the transfer process with InFaith, meeting missionaries through online conferencing. The current/retiring NE field director, Rick Smith, is facillitating these meetings bringing Jason and each of the missionaries together for the hour long introductions. It is has been an encouraging and exciting process hearing their hearts and missional focus. The two most recent missionaries Jason met with are Mark and Lila Hutchins and Peter and Amanda Smyth. Their stories can be found can be found on the "Stories" page of our website.

We are still in the 15% range of support. We finally figured out the tracking system InFaith provides and have our long overdue thank-you's prepared. Things progressed so quickly with InFaith that we embarrassingly lagged behind in knowing who our financial supporters are and are late in communicating with them directly. Those of you who have committed to supporting us in keeping good going are so very, very appreciated and please expect a personal thank you from us in the coming days. We are so excited that you see and are led to support missions on a national level and are so blessed that you will be walking this journey with us. We have most of our moving expenses covered through one-time gifts and we are praying for this fall as we prepare a schedule to visit those we think may want to join our missional community. We know many of you are regularly praying for us.

The Lord has brought this scripture to us through various ways the last couple of weeks. We are often amazed at how God speaks to both of us at the same time but through different means. This is certainly one of those times.

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." - Hebrews 11:1

Please pray:

1) We are looking for people to advocate for us and for missions on a national level. We are seeking a few more people to pray for us on a regular basis and to let us know that they are committed to doing so. As we get to know our missionaries better, we would like to send special messages to a community of intercessors who can pray over them and us.

2) We are praying for those who would like to be a part of our financial support community and are not personally able to do so but could assist us in sharing with their church sometime this fall or winter. We are in an interesting situation where we have less than a year to put together a full support community. We really need to call on others to help us with this task. Though it seems monumentally impossible to us at times, we are always reminded that God has a plan and we are committed to doing His will in His time.

3) We ask for prayer over the upcoming trip for Lisa, Rachel and Ryan. We are praying that the van will not have any issues, that they will have safe travels, and that God would reveal himself through the experience.

4) Lastly, we are praying for wisdom and energy in preparing our home for resale in the spring.

Lord, we thank you for your consistency, faithfulness, and omniscience. You are King of Kings, Lord of Lords. In you we have our faith. In you we find our strength.


Jason & Lisa

Some of our yard work...still more to do but we are getting there!

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