After over 21 years of serving full time in church ministry, Jason was called to be the Northeast Field Director for InFaith. He will be providing support to over 35 missionaries serving in the upper-midwest states to the New England area. 


Jason and Lisa Frye currently live in Spokane, Washington, and are preparing to serve InFaith missionaries who themselves are ministering in the Northeast region of the U.S. They have served full-time in vocational ministry for over twenty years serving as youth pastor and worship pastor. Jason also back-up preaches, teaches Sunday school, and speaks at camps.


“Nobody knows the specific spiritual needs of those in full-time ministry than those who have served in full-time ministry. We understand the importance and effectiveness of encouraging and supporting those who are doing powerful things in their communities and do all we can to encourage these ministries.”


After seeing the need in their community, the Fryes began working with camps, missionaries, and pastors in Washington, and Oregon. Those serving at camps and small rural churches have unique insights into the spiritual needs of the towns they serve, and the Fryes’ heart is to encourage, support, and grow the good work that is already being done.


Jason and Lisa establish relationships with InFaith missionaries by providing resources such as pulpit supply, music ministry, youth ministry assistance, and training for lay ministers. They also offer pastoral care and support through encouragement, fellowship, and prayer.


The Fryes became approved candidates with InFaith in March 2017.


Jason graduated from Multnomah University and has spent over twenty years as a full-time vocational pastor. Lisa is a high school chemistry teacher and supports Jason in ministry.


The Fryes have three college-aged children. They love to go for walks, watch football, and travel, and they enjoy opening their home to friends and family.


Why are we doing this? Well, it's because we are driven to serve God by sharing his love and salvation with as many people as we can. We believe in multiplying ministry - by supporting us, you are also supporting over 35 other missionaries who are reaching those directly that we cannot.